Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation

The Cathedral Forest

In Gabon, Africa, the Minkebe Conservation Project team is dedicated to the preservation of a vast forest of 32 000 km2 which holds the largest population of forest elephants in the world. This forest is undergoing many threats: logging, mining, bush meat hunting and the poaching of elephants for ivory. The Cathedral Forest is a call to the citizens of the world to help WWF Gabon in its efforts to preserve the Minkebe forest.

45 min  - 2007 - English version


  • “Prix des lycéens” 
    Festival du Film Nature  - France - 2007
  • “Jury Special Mention for Nature and People” 
    Environment & Wildlife Film Festival - India - 2007
  • “Merit for Conservation Message”
    International Wildlife Film Festival - USA - 2007

Acknowledgments for the shoot

  • Pauwel de Wachter  (WWF Gabon, Minkebe Programme manager)
  • Brigitte Carr Dirick   (WWF Gabon advisor)
  • Marc Aurel Ella Akou  (WWF Gabon forest guide)
  • Gustave Mabaza   (WWF Gabon educator)
  • Louis Sosthène Ndong Obiang  (WWF Makokou branch director)
  • Philbert Owono  (WWF Oyem branch director)
  • Jean Philippe Le Saint and Frédéric Sanchez del Rio  (sound recording)
  • Rebecca Brandy  (Jane Goodall Institute Shanghai)

Acknowledgments for the post-production

  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (music composer, editing advisor, keyboard, guitar)
  • Yoann Copinet (technical supervision and video management)
  • Simon Apostolou and Pascal Vuillemin  (mix)
  • Jean Philippe Le Saint  (sound design)
  • Cendrine Vincent (colour grading)
  • Xavier Drouault (foley)
  • Benoit Allemane   (French voice-over)
  • Joeffrey Bateman   (English voice-over)
  • Daniel Dos Reis  (voice recording)
  • François Launet and Marie Claire Bazart  (maps and DVD cover)
  • Corinne Rouez (Transatlantic Video – DVD print)
  • Christine Renaud and Marie-Claude Cazin (Tawak Pictures)
  • Philippe Tutin  (O’bahamas)
  • Dominique Poujoly (Les Audis de Joinville)
  • Jacques Bled (Mac Guff Ligne)
  • Marcos Requena (Serena Digital)
  • Benjamin Combes (Advisor for the Chinese version)


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